Watershed Wellness Careers

We are actively seeking talented, dedicated massage therapists and Chinese medicine practitioners. Interested? Read through the information on this page!

General information

At Watershed Wellness we have a strong, cohesive vision that helps create the best possible healing environment for our clients. We want to keep it that way!

So, the first step in becoming part of the team is learning more about what Watershed Wellness is all about.

Our team, both medical and office staff, stays well connected and supports one another throughout the day. We encourage communication and skill-sharing among folks on staff, and try to have at least one or two group events (joining BOTH clinics’ staff) so we can all get to know one another better. We are a fun group, with a lot of joy for life, but also know when to let people work, or just take space for themselves. It’s a nice environment to build your career.

Our intent is to help you create an inspiring, resonant and stable career with Watershed Wellness. We invest a lot of time, energy and mentorship into all of our new hires so they can get as busy as possible, as fast as possible, without losing balance in their personal lives. We are constantly working to learn more about how to be great employers, and promote an environment of active communication and mutual respect among everyone on staff.

Currently open positions

We are hiring for massage therapists at our Astoria location. We use the website Workable to help our hiring process. Please apply exclusively through that website – thank you!

You can find details about the available massage therapy positions by clicking this link. 

Please feel free to share these links and details about the opportunities with your colleagues, friends, students and other relevant people.