What’s coming to Watershed in 2015

IMG_7761 copyHello – and welcome to a brand new year!

There has been tremendous change at Watershed over the last 12 months. Most recently, we got a whole new website and moved to a larger, more beautiful, more restful space – just next door to our old clinic. We were happy to take the holidays to recharge and evaluate what we created, while starting to build our map for the future.

You can expect some good things from us in 2015 – every single one intended to make you a more informed, more relaxed, happier person so you can do your wonderful work in the world.

Naturopathic medicine arriving with our new practitioner Ann Holland, ND, LAc

We’ll obviously have a lot more to say about Ann in the coming days, but let this serve as the first exuberant introduction! Ann is an experienced practitioner of Naturopathic medicine, bodywork, Chinese medicine and yoga, and she combines those therapies together expertly to benefit her patients. We’ll let you know more about Naturopathic medicine, Ann’s background, and when and how you can take advantage of the great resource she represents soon.

More practitioners – including some new services you might not expect

We’re still growing the team! We want to build an excellent group of practitioners here at Watershed – each a member of the powerful ecosystem we’re establishing. We don’t take anybody on “just because,” we want each member to have a unique contributions as well as the care, joyfulness and skill that you’ve come to expect from Watershed. Keep in touch to learn more…

Video about Chinese medicine, massage therapy, and living a deeply healthful life

We know that many of you enjoy reading, but an increasing number of people feel they learn the best from video. Because educating people about our medicine and the way to thrive in our contemporary world is one of our passions – we want to offer information in the way that works the best! To that end, we’ll be starting a video series where we answer questions, learn more about Watershed, and dig into special topics so you can become even wiser than you already are.

More blog posts, newsletters and print materials to engage your mind

And for those of you who love to read – we’ll have more of the content we’ve loved bringing you in 2014 including here on the blog, in the newsletter, and additional print materials like pamphlets about topics of interest to you. If you have an idea about something you think we should address – never hesitate to contact us. We love to hear your ideas!

In-person events, including something very exciting in the second half of the year

We’re going to start experiment with on-site educational and social events for Watershed patients in 2015. We’re also considering something a little bigger for the public – but we’re not quite ready to share details. If it lives up to our vision, it’s something you’re not going to want to miss.

We have you to thank for all of this

It’s cliché to say, but we couldn’t do the work we do without you! Without your willingness to address your health concerns, to take responsibility for you wellness, and to support us in the work we do – none of this would be possible. We endeavor to use your support to make the clinic more of what you want it to be so we can serve you in your continued evolution.

Enjoy these first days of 2015 – it’s going to be a fantastic year.

Written by Eric Grey