The Watershed Healthbooks project and working with the dregs of Winter

watershed wellness acupuncture winterI feel privileged to introduce you to a new initiative from Watershed Wellness. It’s something we’ve been planning for a long time, and now finally have the personnel and energy to get it going.

We are going to be creating something we call Watershed Healthbooks. These are team created, multi-disciplinary sources of information on health related topics that are highly relevant to you. We will be organizing ourselves around a particular seasonally appropriate theme, and sharing with you information on that theme from different perspectives available within the Watershed community of practitioners.

This will result in a rich, grounded and immediately useful nexus of background info, reflections, and action steps that you can use as you go about living your most vital life.

Logistically, we will be releasing a portion of each Healthbook about once per week in the form of a blog post. You can be notified of each post either through RSS, by watching our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, or by subscribing to our newsletter. Since our newsletter only comes out once a month, if you want to be notified of each individual post, you’ll want to try one of the other methods.

We will take all of these individual blog posts and collect them together for you. That forms the guts of the Healthbook. But we’ll add even more engaging content, plus beautiful imagery and design, and generally make them the kind of thing you will want to look at over and over again.

We’ll offer these completed books in a digital format for free to our patients and newsletter subscribers when they are finished.

You can keep them on your computer or mobile device and begin to create a library of health information from the practitioners you know and love. Eventually, if there is enough interest, we may even print these as small booklets that you can keep around, give to friends and family, or whatever else you like.

We’ll be creating approximately 4-5 of these per year, and depending on the topic and our abilities, we may be adding multi media content like audio and video, and sometimes even creating live classes to support your exploration of the information within.

Our hope is that these Healthbooks will help you sink more fully into your wellness journey.

Seeing practitioners is wonderful, of course, and often the quickest way to healing. Still, that process can be significantly enhanced by information and tools for reflection and action that are hard to acquire in other ways. Eventually, we hope you’ll come to see the Watershed website and our clinic as a place where you can not just receive top quality healthcare, but also as a learning center that helps you come into greater balance. With a combination like that – how can you go wrong?

So – what’s our first topic?

For the next 8 weeks, we are going to be working with a problem that many people encounter – particularly those of us in the Northwestern US. Once the holiday season and optimism of the New Year’s celebration recedes, the reality of another couple of months (at least) of sometimes brutal and depressing winter weather begins to set in.

Even for a person like me, who loves our extended cold rainy season, I can begin to lose hope that days of picnics on the lawn and easy strolls without bundling up will ever come.

There are multiple factors at work here – of course! There are physiological realities, social aspects, problems related to the holidays, the lack of movement, and even end of year (and beginning of tax season) financial difficulties that can all contribute. For the most part, we are a heat seeking and sun loving species, with many cultural idiosyncrasies that interrupt an easy descent into the cold and dark.

If you struggle at times in the later winter months – know that you’re not alone.

Even more importantly – there are answers for the questions that vex you. Actually, even for those of us who have a generally easier time in the winter, it can be nice to learn ways to maximally adapt to the season. To take advantage of its positive qualities, to use the energy to help us to be healthier in every respect – these things are desirable and possible.

In the next several blog posts, you’ll become oriented around ways of looking at this special time from Chinese medicine, psycho-spiritual, movement, nutritional, bodywork and other perspectives. You’ll receive inspiration and information, sure, but also concrete action steps, resources for additional engagement, and encouragement to build a plan to help you work with the deep winter in a way that uplifts you.

We look forward to sharing and interacting – stay tuned!

Written by Eric Grey