Transition FAQ

Here is a growing list of questions & answers that might come up for you as you consider the closure of the Watershed Wellness Portland location.

What about my gift certificates?

If you have a valid gift certificate purchased at, or for, our Portland location, the first thing you should do is try to call and get in before September 2019. Many of our services will continue to be available, though we have no more massage availability at this time.

You can also use your gift certificate for as long as it is valid at our Astoria location.

If you have questions about your specific situation – do not hesitate to reach out!

Who should I see for my healthcare now?

As we mentioned on the main transition page, all our existing practitioners will be moving to locations as close as possible to WWPDX. For those without more details already listed, that information will be refined over time.

However, if you would like a list of other referrals, please click to see this page. It, too, will be updated over time.