Nutrition is a foundation of naturopathic medicine. Clearly, what we eat affects every cell and system of our bodies, and it is something we do for ourselves multiple times every day. For DeAun and Ann eating is a way that we love and nourish and listen to ourselves. When we eat we connect with the natural world- with the seasons and with the life force in the soil, sun, water, and air. Food also connects us to our community through shared meals, and to our family’s or culture’s traditions.

In our practices we actively seek to heal body shame and its many ill effects. We promote Health At Every Size (HAES). We can all love ourselves, take care of ourselves, nourish ourselves, listen to ourselves, and move our bodies with joy. Every person deserves love and respect, and every person has a right to non-discriminatory and quality health care.

We often give basic guidelines for healthy eating, and may make suggestions based on a patient’s individual health concerns. We will not encourage weight loss, cleanses, or fad diets. In cases when we recommend changes to a patient’s diet, we are sensitive to the emotional and social impacts that can have, and will work together come up with a plan that works for the patient, rather than causes them stress.

Nutritional interventions may also include the prescription of nutraceuticals, including vitamins and/or minerals that have been shown to prevent or treat specific conditions.

Written by Watershed Team

We believe that healthy, thriving people are the foundation of a strong, just and joyful society.