Many of us have a contentious relationship with formal exercise. Our histories may be full of forced exercise in unpleasant gym classes where we did not shine physically. While this can be a challenge to overcome, movement has so many physical and emotional benefits, that it is worth rethinking our relationship with it.

As naturopathic doctors, Ann and DeAun want to work with you to find movement that you enjoy and makes you feel good. If you already do movement that you enjoy, we want to encourage you to do so healthfully and safely. We want to make sure that you are able to be active well into old age.

We may also prescribe specific therapeutic exercises, for instance, to build strength, flexibility, or balance. Ann is a certified yoga instructor and loves to give personal instruction as it is appropriate.

Written by Watershed Team

We believe that healthy, thriving people are the foundation of a strong, just and joyful society.