Body Treatments and Add-Ons

Body Treatments

Back Facial $65
Wanting to address acne or congestion on your back? Maybe simply getting ready for summer season? This 45 minute exfoliation-treatment targets uneven skin tone, texture, and back breakouts. Warm compresses to encourage movement begin the back facial, followed by extractions, dry-brushing, and a peppermint clay masque to detoxify the pores.

Body Polish Treatment $85
Treat your whole body to the scrub and circulation boost that it needs. 50 minutes includes a decadent sugar scrub formulated with coconut, raw sugar, and wild-harvested herbs to create perfectly smooth skin, followed by aromatic steam towels for complete removal and temperature boost. Skin is then treated to a floral hydration treatment, followed by a light lotion application. Perfect for bumpy, rough-textured arms and legs, or as an accompaniment to a massage service from one of our talented therapists.

Facial Add-ons

Resurfacing Polish Add-On Treatment $25-$45
Love the feeling of a good old-fashioned face scrub? Trying to treat sun spots or age spots, or mild acne? This resurfacing add-on treatment features a natural alternative to microdermabrasion. Silica, raw poppy seeds, and astringent pear and green apple juices abrade the skin to create a quick cellular turnover, followed by LED light therapy to create a “photosynthesis”-like effect within the skin. LED light works to send signals to the deepest layer of the skin, encouraging age spots and mild acne to dissipate. Price depends on length of LED treatment time. *

Eye Treatment Add-On $15
An add-on treatment for those experiencing puffiness, fine lines, or under eye discoloration. Chilled green tea and cucumber compresses help to de-puff and shrink under eye bags, while lymphatic massage drains stagnant fluid to reveal a brighter, youthful appearance. Finish it off with a frontal scalp massage to lift the scalp and brow upwards to reduce expression lines.

Holistic Detox Foot Soak Add-On $15
Begin your facial with a relaxing hydrotherapy treat. A hot foot bath of sea salt, wild-harvested rosemary, and peppermint oil work to soothe and relieve the aches and pains in your feet while steam towel calf compressions and pressure point massage encourage healthy blood flow and circulation.

Written by Watershed Team

We believe that healthy, thriving people are the foundation of a strong, just and joyful society.