Resolutions, Awareness and the Power of Collective Thought: A Way into the New Year

nov_15_2014_09Some say that you don’t need January 1st two-thousand-whatever, to change your life and I don’t completely disavow that idea myself. Changes can be made to our lives at any moment and quite frankly they must be! We constantly have to decide to keep the positive changes we’ve committed to making in our lives, by choosing them! That said, the power of collective thought and consciousness is not to be underestimated. If given the right support and energy as a felt sense, anyone can make lasting positive changes in their lives!

Let’s be honest with each other for just a moment. What we really want in this lifetime, what we want more than anything else is to love and be loved, see and be seen and to be respected, for just being! We want to be enough, just because we are living and breathing.

Guess what? You already are. You deserve those things, in fact, we all do.

So, who is to say we e can’t capitalize on the momentum and ride the coat tails of the “New Year, New Us” train? I certainly am not interested in separating myself from any positive movement. Collective thought in the New Year is potent! Everyone is working hard to do the best they can to make good decisions about how they interact with themselves, their colleagues, partners and the world. We can jump right on board. Collective thought engenders awareness!

Awareness is lock that fits the key to the door of changing your life.

If you’re anything like me you are reading this thinking, “When will this end, lock and key? Give me a break!” But, think about it, what makes it possible for you to restrain yourself when you want to get furious? What flashes through your brain when you have the opportunity to over indulge and dive head first into an old pattern?

Maya Angelou said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Here you can use attitude and awareness almost interchangeably!

Awareness is the only lasting insurance for positive change.Dollarphotoclub_63479935

Acupuncture has long been used for the purpose of engendering awareness. Each acupuncture point sends a message to the body; each point brings awareness and ultimately healing. We can engage with the understanding of a few basic principals in Chinese medicine and, following, look differently at the way we interact with our emotions and our bodies (I write more on this topic here).

In Chinese medicine theory, one of the spleen’s roles is to help you understand and integrate our sense of self-nourishment (both literally and metaphorically), how you relate to your diet and what you are digesting.  In addition to actual digestion the spleen works to “digest” your energetic environment – the people and spaces around you.

Here’s a scenario – read and see if you can relate to it…

You wake up in the morning feeling somewhat tired because you did not get a restful night sleep.  You then caffeinate (tea, coffee or an energy drink) so that you can meet the day. As the day goes on you crave sugar to bring yourself back into alignment.  In the evening, instead of calmly considering your day and its contents, you want to eat, or numb out with television and a glass of wine – whatever you can do to reduce any awareness of difficulties of the present day or the difficulties coming up.

A recipe for acid reflux – among other undesirable physical and emotional experiences.

In Chinese Medicine the Heart discerns truth.  From our perspective, being stuck in your spleen gives you limited access to the Heart, and by extension, limited access to the truth. With this limited access you are kept in a holding pattern, often one that holds you in our past. When you become aware of these connections you have more opportunity to change your patterns!

These changes in awareness are possible this New Year with your determination and, perhaps, a little help from acupuncture. By shifting out of these patterns we are able to more deeply access our capacity to understand and move towards greater truth, and peace, and strength in our lives!

Written by Watershed Team

We believe that healthy, thriving people are the foundation of a strong, just and joyful society.