Last minute appointments?

Sign up here to get notification of last minute openings for massage, acupuncture and skincare services!

LowResolution-23We sometimes end up with last minute appointments, usually due to patient cancellations, that leave openings in the schedule. Because many of our practitioners are quite busy, we decided to make it possible for you to sign up for alerts for those rare last-minute appointments. These may be available¬†as little as 15 minutes before their start time, but are a golden opportunity for you to get the care you need when you can’t find something on the schedule that works for you.

By entering your information below, you will be added to a notification list we will use exclusively for notifying people of these opportunities. If you receive the notification and can take advantage, you need only call our main clinic line 503-820-8040 to schedule. Because every opportunity is different, we may sometimes send out different instructions to take advantage of the opportunity Рsimply read the email that comes your way to know all the details.  And, as a bonus, some of these appointments will be discounted to thank you for your flexibility.

You can unsubscribe from this notification list any time by using the link in every email that is sent out – if you have trouble with that, please contact us directly.

Finally – to get even more immediate notifications – simply enter your mobile number to receive text alerts of last minute appointment availability.