An Insider’s Report on our Newest Massage Therapist: Jessi Slavich

As part of our “getting to know you” introduction of practitioners new to Watershed Wellness, we have one of our practitioners (in this case, esthetician Amanda Koennecke) experience a session with the new practitioner in order to share with you what the experience is like. Read on to find more about our newest massage therapist, Jessi Slavich.

By now, we must all realize how saturated Portland is with health and wellness solutions. It’s no secret that we live in a city that prides itself on alternative lifestyles, and with that comes alternative health care. This includes acupuncture, naturopathic doctors, estheticians, and especially massage. How are you supposed to pick a practitioner, with so many options for care?

Perhaps the biggest thing that sets practitioners apart from one another, is the ability to give great customer service. You could be the nation’s top massage therapist with an affinity for Swedish massage, but when it comes down to it–did your therapist carefully listen to your needs? Was the mood in the space a good one, or was it awkward? All of these elements, can quickly change the tone and tempo of the service. Lucky for us at Watershed Wellness, we’re in the business of hiring exceptionally talented practitioners that also happen to be terrific humans outside of work and beyond. Which brings me to my grand point: we hired another practitioner, and we’re super excited for everyone to meet her!

Meet Jessi, our new massage therapist.

Jessi Slavich, LMT

To give you an inside look at the type of treatment Jessi offers, I dug deep and booked a massage with her to bring my research to the public (rough job, I know). Jessi has years of experience with body work, and it was evident in her massage. First, a thorough consultation in which we outlined the kind of work I was needing for that visit, followed by my choice of essential oil to enhance the massage.

The great thing about Jessi’s style of massage?

The focus and intent on what is needed at that very moment. Not just an all over massage with varying amounts of pressure, but a deep attention to what was necessary. Sure, she thoroughly massaged the base of my neck, which always needs work. But my tendonitis issues? She spent a great deal of time in a single spot. One hand, applying very direct pressure, and a wait to see how that muscle would react under her touch. It’s a practice amongst the most talented of massage therapists–pay attention to the muscles, not just relaxation needs of the client.

Good massage work should automatically include a sense of relaxation and well being, if it’s done right. But to have a thorough understanding of the body’s anatomy, to craft a truly unique massage service? Jessi hits all of these points. She even came back into the room with me, post-massage, to physically stretch my body out and teach me how to do these stretches at home.

What a breath of fresh air, to find great customer service and an elevated sense of body work. Get on her schedule before she’s completely booked! 

Written by Amanda Koennecke

I’ve made it my life’s work to bring health and happiness into my clients’ lives by way of skin care solutions. With a pursuant interest in the Ayurvedic health system (dating back to 5000 BC), my treatments always come from a loving, healing place. From skin detoxification, to nourishing facial massage, to extractions, to light therapy for the treatment of age spots, everyone has a chief concern they’d like to address.