Holistic skin care, Eminence organics & keeping it simple


After a significant hiatus, the podcast is back in action. We’ve got a quick two episode series for you. In it, Amanda Koennecke, LE and Eric Grey discuss the basics of Amanda’s approach to skincare – particularly how it interacts with the larger holistic healthcare focus at Watershed Wellness. Amanda also gives a few tips about how to create a simple, doable skincare routine that works for your lifestyle.

You can find the episode uploaded to iTunes and Stitcher.  Or check out the podcast and listen in your browser on our Buzzsprout page.

Look for the second part of this conversation coming in 2 weeks. We’ll endeavor to get 2 podcasts out per month – do check out our primary podcast page and let us know what you’d like to hear next!

Written by Amanda Koennecke

I’ve made it my life’s work to bring health and happiness into my clients’ lives by way of skin care solutions. With a pursuant interest in the Ayurvedic health system (dating back to 5000 BC), my treatments always come from a loving, healing place. From skin detoxification, to nourishing facial massage, to extractions, to light therapy for the treatment of age spots, everyone has a chief concern they’d like to address.