Go see Mary!

Mary for SchedulicityGetting a massage with Mary Everitt was everything I thought it would be AND more! The newest massage therapist at Watershed Wellness is – guess what folks – incredible.

Before going in for my massage, I read a little bit about Mary on her practitioner page on the website.

On her practitioner page, Mary speaks about her passion for bodywork, her travel throughout the world, and her patient presence. These things are evident when you meet Mary, they are all true, and they may even be somewhat understated via the website. When you meet Mary you can tell that she cares about you (already) despite never having met you before.

Patient presence is definitely one of the standout qualities that Mary brings to her work.

From the moment I walked in the door I felt incredibly cared for, and, I felt like I’d known Mary for quite some time! Her friendliness is completely authentic and so down to earth; it was easy to tell her everything that I wanted her to work on. Mary asked insightful questions during the intake, ones that allowed for me to connect to myself in a different way throughout the process.

Mary also has a remarkable way of also making the client feel comfortable on the table.

She worked with me to make sure that her touch matched what my body needed; she did that through her own palpation skills and also by asking me about what I was experiencing. She checked in with me at the beginning of the session enough that after that – the rest was quite literally a dream. I was able to relax so much that I think I may have drifted off a number of times! Each time I went into some sort of dream like state, when I “came back” I felt totally safe –  a smile even crept up on my face.

At the end of the session Mary discussed what she felt was happening in my body.

She explained to me some of the modalities she had been using and how various areas of my body are connected via the tension in the musculature as evidenced by their response to the therapy. She explained what my body might be feeling like after the session thoroughly; there were no surprises!

I have thought about the next time I’ll get to go see Mary for a massage at Watershed Wellness multiple times, the first being almost immediately after walking out the door after my first one! If you love massage, go see Mary. If you’ve never had a massage, go see Mary. If you’re unsure of massage and want to be convinced not only of its physical benefits but its therapeutic power, go see Mary!

Written by Amanda Barp

Regardless of whether I’m giving a relaxation massage or a more therapeutic focused massage, I emphasize a non-judgmental, safe environment for all of my clients. I enjoy sharing the knowledge of the body that I have learned in my training and hope that you will find your body and the way it works as fascinating as I do.