Calendar Switch

Thank you for your patience as we transform our clinic management systems into those that support your safety & well-being while also helping things work better for everyone!

Note : This information applies to both Portland and Astoria clinics, but does NOT apply to the movement/yoga studio in Astoria. That clinic is on an entirely different system, Mindbody, and has been for some time.

We are moving our clinic calendar from Schedulicity, where it has been for many years, to Unified Practice. Unified Practice is a secure, modern clinic management system that includes many improved functions we are excited to share with you. We expect the transition to be complete as of October 21, 2018.

For most people, the most important change will be the calendar.   All of the features you are used to will remain in place, but a period of adjustment is coming as we transition the technology. If you would like to learn more about Unified Practice, you can read a FAQ on the company’s website here. If you want to learn a bit about the online scheduler & (coming soon) entirely online forms experience, you can watch this video.

Over the next couple of weeks, WW staff will be working hard to transition all of your existing information and appointments over to the new system from Schedulicity. Any appointments you have already made should be moved. You may receive new confirmation emails about these appointments, depending on the situation. If you want to double check on your scheduled appointments during this transition period, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

If you do not schedule your appointments yourself online, the only change you will see is in your appointment reminders. You may receive additional confirmation emails about getting appointment reminders, even though you think you already confirmed. Please just be patient with these and confirm so we can be sure that emails only go to those who want them. If you don’t ordinarily schedule appointments online, but would like to learn how, please talk to your practitioner or front desk staff the next time you’re in one of our clinics.

If you do usually schedule online, the changes will be more significant. Watch this space over the coming week for more information. We will help you every step of the way and ensure there are no unresolved issues. Never hesitate to reach out if you have more questions!