The Best Kind of Beat-up: An Hour with Lisa Marie White, LMT.

LisaMarieSelfieIt’s Saturday, January 9th, and the clinic is warm and toasty. Ladd’s Addition is grey and wintery-looking, but the neighborhood still bustles with people and business no matter the time of year. Inside, I’m washing up, and then I’ll sip on some tea while I wait for my massage with Watershed Wellness’s newest LMT, Lisa Marie White.

Coming out to greet me, she’s all smiles, not to mention seeming to be a tiny little thing. But I know better. Some of the strongest massage therapists I’ve encountered looked liked they weighed a buck-ten, if that. I’m in for a therapeutic session; I can tell. The best kind of “beat-up”.

Before we step into the treatment room, I level with her. “Look, before we get started, I just wanted to ask you a few questions about your massage practice, so our clients can get a sense of what to expect from the new addition to our crew. Have you got a minute?” She laughs, taking a seat across from me.

Lisa Marie’s approach to massage therapy comes from a healing place, one that actually started out in the field of nursing.

As it turns out, she became frustrated as a registered nurse and the western medicine system in general. Needing a change and wanting to do even more for the physical health of people, she sought out her path in massage therapy. She counts heat application as the number one pre-and-post massage advice, noting that heat application helps circulation and to cradle the increased blood flow that happens during and after a massage. Five years into her practice now, I’m excited for what lies ahead for her in her time at Watershed.

On the table, I’m facedown, disrobed, and ready to rock. I’m also sustaining an ankle injury, which she’s going to treat with some topical drainage and heat application. Her touch is a strong one (called it!), and almost echoes that of a physical therapist.

No messing around here, she’s treating you for your body aches and pains AND getting you to relax at the same time.

She’s also mindful to ask if the pressure is comfortable, and can adjust to my liking at any time. Strong hands, warm bedside manner, and some tips for stretching and appropriate water intake after my massage. She hits all the notes of a successful practitioner in a single hour-long treatment.

The Finale: When I asked her what she loved most about massage therapy, her answer was quick and assured, without hesitation. “I really love being able to support people in finding their best health. Reconnecting people to their better self. It’s my passion.”

Beautiful, and accurate. Welcome to Watershed Wellness…we’re happy you’re here. Don’t waste any time – get on her schedule today!


Written by Amanda Koennecke

I’ve made it my life’s work to bring health and happiness into my clients’ lives by way of skin care solutions. With a pursuant interest in the Ayurvedic health system (dating back to 5000 BC), my treatments always come from a loving, healing place. From skin detoxification, to nourishing facial massage, to extractions, to light therapy for the treatment of age spots, everyone has a chief concern they’d like to address.