5 Ways the New Watershed Wellness Clinic Space is Going to Make You Smile

1990 se ladd new watershed clinicAs I write this, I can hear walls coming down in the building adjacent to ours. That destruction is going to be followed by some construction, some beautification, and eventually, a full scale moving event. It will all culminate in the move of Watershed Wellness to the space right next door – 1990 SE Ladd Ave!

We’re really excited to introduce you to the new space, and will be sharing all kinds of information, photos and deals with you through our newsletter (click here to sign up) and our Facebook page (have you “liked” us yet?). But for now, I wanted to share with you five things you should be excited about with this move.

1. More space means more practitioners (and more options)

We’ve been in our current space for almost five years. It’s been very good to us. However, with the two of us as busy as we can be, it’s time to hire more practitioners and our current place just isn’t big enough for that! So, we’re doubling our space and beginning the process of finding new practitioners that are perfect for our team. This means more options for you both in terms of the people providing your care and the days and hours available for appointments. All good things!

2. More space also means that group classes and other offerings are finally possible

We’ve been wanting to teach classes that support your wellness for years – but our current space just hasn’t been able to support even small groups. While we don’t have a huge open space, the front room (half of which is shown in the photo on this post) will readily convert into a space where 8-10 people can come together for learning and mutual support. We’ll probably start classes in early 2015 – we’re really looking forward to it! Some classes will be free, others will have a small fee which may be lessened or waived for current patients. Maybe good encouragement to make an appointment today?

3. More openness and access for everyone

We love Ladd’s Addition and our central location within it. Up until now, we’ve been tucked around the corner – on the big traffic circle in the center of the neighborhood – yet not quite visible from it. Now we’ll be the dominant presence on the circle along with Palio. This means that we have to step up our game in terms of being available for questions and such – since more people will be dropping by. We’re hoping to hire a full time front desk superstar relatively soon, and until then will be doing our best to keep the front door open. This means you can drop by and say hi, grab some literature or have a cup of tea, and otherwise take advantage of the space.

We also now have a ramp area that will make it easier for folks with mobility challenges to come into the space. While it’s unfortunately not quite 100% officially ADA accessible from the outside (the inside is, of course) it is a big improvement from our current space.

4. Gorgeous treatment rooms to relax in

Our current space has been a cozy incubator for our clinic. However, sometimes those treatment rooms have been a little TOO cozy, and sometimes stuffy (particularly in the summer). Now we have air conditioning, ventilation in the rooms, and the rooms themselves are about twice as big as the current ones. More space for you to enjoy your treatments and more space for our practitioners to do the work they need to do. We’ll also be updating our equipment and all the little things we put into making your experience a comfortable and enjoyable one.

5. New products to help you live your best life

Over the last few years, we’ve offered topical products for treatment of muscle aches and pains and a few supplements. But, many of you have asked for us to have a wider selection of products to help you support your healing and transformation. We’ve got space for that now, and have been busy investigating what we want to offer. We’ll have more topicals, more supplements, custom tea and soup blends, essential oils and literature all for sale. We’re also hoping to develop a lending library of books about Chinese medicine, massage therapy and related fields.

We think you’ll agree that this is a great opportunity for the whole Watershed Wellness community. We have quite a bit of work to finish before we get there, but hope to open on October 27 in the new space. We’ll have plenty more to share in the coming weeks – so please stay tuned here on the blog, on Facebook, and also join the client newsletter if you haven’t already. 

Written by Eric Grey