Dr. DeAun Nelson, ND, LMT

DSC_0021Thirteen years ago, I had an epiphany that lead me into massage therapy from a career in theatre and film. As a massage therapist in Texas, I was often asked questions about natural health care that I could not answer. When I discovered naturopathic medicine, I knew that it was exactly where that epiphany had been leading me. I moved to Portland to attend National College of Natural Medicine where I earned my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine.

Since then, I have been so fortunate, and honored, to work with such a diverse population, both as a massage therapist and a naturopathic physician. They have provided me with many opportunities to witness the incredible variation of people and experience in the world. Diversity can be greeted with fear and indifference by the very people who are supposed to provide care. I have seen this happen, with or without intent, and I do everything in my power to meet diversity with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to learn.

My particular passion is Health at Every SizeĀ® and a weight neutral approach to health. I have seen that the best approach to health is to engage in healthy habits, not changing body size. People of all sizes and backgrounds experience ill health or disability, and every one of us deserves to be treated appropriately, regardless of our body size. Many things can be overlooked or over treated when body size is treated as a diagnosis. I focus on encouraging healthy behaviors in my patients to help them become the healthiest they can be. This absolutely includes loving and appreciating the bodies we inhabit.

My philosophy is that we are all in this together. If you have compassion and care for yourself, that compassion and care will extend to those around you. Naturopathic medicine is all about treating the whole person. In my mind, this means treating not just individuals, but communities. We all have incredible bodies that do incredible things, even when we are suffering. We live, breath, laugh, and love.

You are an important being who deserves respect and judgement-free care.


  • American Specialty Health (AshNetwork)
  • BCBS/Regence/Primera
  • Cigna/Great West
  • Oregon Health Plan: Health Share
  • PacificSource
  • Providence/Providence Preferred
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