Mary Everitt, LMT

My experiences in life, including living 20 years in Cambodia, have created a depth of sensitivity and empathy towards others and their own narratives. I use this experience as an integral approach to bodywork. I believe the positive, safe environment of integrated therapy is a critical part of wellness, and that massage plays an important part in moving toward optimal health.

MaryEveritt_c.ajcoots_Img#284_LargeWebThe feedback that I get from clients is that my massage and demeanor leave them feeling cared for and heard. I bring a nurturing and refreshing energy, with the goal of maintaining a positive, peaceful atmosphere where relaxation and healing can take place.

I believe in the restorative power of therapeutic massage, which starts with a brief conversation, where I get to listen to what you’re coming in with and how we can meet your goals. A sense of compassion and joy for healing are what drive me in this work and in being part of your wellness plan.

My passion for artistic expression is what led me to bodywork and continues to influence each massage that I do. I love the variety of people, stories and lives that this work allows me to come into contact with.

I’ve been part of the Watershed Wellness team since July 2015.   Working alongside, sharing space with, learning from, being treated by and mentored by the generous practitioners here has helped to enrich not only my practice, but myself as a bodyworker.

Here are some things I’ve learned in my time at Watershed Wellness practicing massage: 

  • As I grow in my own journey of mindfulness I am more sensitive to encouraging that in those I come in contact with.
  • I trust my intuition, which is fortified with knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology and a genuine passion for the unique AND universal ways our minds, bodies and spirits are layered together. 
  • My philosophy on bodywork is ever evolving.  The opportunity this community presents is rich with variety of clients, histories, daily aches, pains, goals and needs.  I’m amazed at the blessing of getting to see people on a regular basis, to build familiarity and trust and a window into the lives and needs of our clients through the lens of their wellness and supporting that process.
  • The environment at Watershed is supportive to both clients and practitioners. With client consent we are able to collaborate decades of experience, fresh perspective and understanding into a multi-faceted treatment plan.  Though you may see one practitioner your treatment can be influenced by the wisdom of many.
  • Bodywork builds self-awareness from the outside in and inside out.  The comments of “I didn’t know there were sore spots there” to “I didn’t realize there was a muscle there” to “You’re really finding all the spots!” to “When you work there I feel elsewhere which makes me feel…”
  • These actualizations take time and intention and are my favorite part of bodywork. 
  • My obvious goal in working with you is to decrease tension, decrease pain, improve mobility and increase relaxation.  That is what you can expect after a session with me. Further than that, and what I hope to facilitate for you is lending a hand (pun intended) in your journey to understanding and knowing your body at a deeper level.

Education and Training:

  • Oregon School of Massage, March 2015
  • TA Shiatsu
  • TA Kinesiology
  • Shiatsu short form 
  • Shiatsu long form 
  • Massage for people with cancer (under Gayle MacDonald through Oregon School of Massage)
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage