Joshua Park, DSOM, LAc

Using the full spectrum of Chinese Medicine, I am here to assist the innate healing abilities of your body, mind and spirit. By understanding your unique situation and set of […]

Eric Grey, MS, LAc

Important note : I am no longer taking new patients in Portland, but am happily accepting new patients in Astoria. I will still accept direct referrals from existing patients and practitioners […]

Amanda Barp

Amanda Barp, LMT

As a massage practitioner of ten years, I’ve learned a little bit about what works for people. I’ve learned that listening to you and what you want from a massage […]

Dr. Ann Holland, ND, LAc

“I love my work because I get to connect on a heart level with people all day. I get to hear their stories and feel with them as they move […]

Dr. DeAun Nelson, ND, LMT

I feel strongly that all of us are strong and resilient. We all have struggles to overcome, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but we also have the capacity to overcome […]

Amanda Koennecke, LE

As an esthetician of ten years, I understand the need and want for beautiful, healthy skin. The skin care industry changes every day, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up […]

Melinda Wheeler, MS, LAc

I believe that acupuncture and Chinese medicine hold within them the capacity to heal, both on individual and collective levels. Chinese medicine can change the world and I endeavor to […]

Rowan Everard, MS, LAc

Who can I help? I specialize in the treatment of emotional distress; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and insomnia to name a few. I find that people are often […]

Jessi Slavich, LMT

I offer bodywork that is attuned to your wellness goals as they evolve and change over time.  It is my intention to facilitate a therapeutic experience for you to unwind patterns […]