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Massage Therapy


We provide premium massage therapy to Portlanders looking to maintain vibrant and healthy lives. We take the greatest care to treat you with respect and to create a warm and inviting experience for your visit.

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  • The Watershed Massage

    The Watershed Massage integrates our knowledge of various modalities and many years of experience to create the massage that is perfect for you.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper muscles in the body, as its name implies.

  • Swedish Massage

    Swedish massage is considered the classic massage that promotes relaxation.

  • Trigger point massage

    Trigger point massage is a general term that describes the release of “trigger points” using a variety of techniques.

  • Hot stone massage

    Hot stones are used as a tool to promote deep relaxation in the body and also to decrease the amount of tension in the less superficial muscles.

  • Shiatsu

    Shiatsu is an Asian form of bodywork that is designed to promote the harmonious flow of Qi (chi/Ki) throughout the body.