Massage report : Incredible Work with Jennifer Hessick, LMT

IMG_1377I had the good fortune of getting a massage from the newest member of the Watershed Wellness team, Jennifer Hessick, LMT! My last few massages have been with one astounding Amanda Barp, LMT (co-founder and owner of Watershed Wellness); I was excited and somewhat anxious to try out a new massage therapist.

Jennifer does incredible work.

From the moment I walked into the clinic I felt cared for

During the intake she asked me what I needed and she listened. She asked relevant follow up questions, ones I would not have thought of myself, yet she touched on part of my daily experience. Jennifer said that she would talk to me about what she found in my body after the massage; this was an exciting prospect for me because I wanted to know more about what information she was picking up in her hands.

We spoke about her technique a little bit before the massage. At this time, Jennifer mentioned she has a way in which she moves throughout the body during the massage depending on the requests from the client. She also spoke about the fact that her hands do indeed pick up information and that whenever necessary she will stay in one area and concentrate there for some time.

The moment I got on the massage table I felt relaxed. Jennifer checked in with me about her pressure after her first short series of movements. It was perfect; I had the feeling she was really having a conversation with my body-tissue because as she moved around to different areas she knew different tissues needed different things.

Recalling my experience during the massage is somewhat challenging after a certain point because lets face it, I was in complete bliss.

However, I remember one moment when Jennifer was working on my neck and shoulder. I was face down and experiencing some of the tightness that is nearly always present and unique to that area of my body. I was working to breathe into the area while she simultaneously released it with her manipulation. I had a distinct moment where I realized it was safe to release every single part of that tightness over to Jennifer and that she knew exactly what to do with it: it wouldn’t hurt her and I could trust her to take it away, that is a unique feeling!

I am happy to report that I did release all of that tightness and it felt astounding. I can’t wait for my next massage with Jennifer.

Written by Amanda Barp

Regardless of whether I’m giving a relaxation massage or a more therapeutic focused massage, I emphasize a non-judgmental, safe environment for all of my clients. I enjoy sharing the knowledge of the body that I have learned in my training and hope that you will find your body and the way it works as fascinating as I do.