An Evening of Yoga and Nutrition with Frankie

In this sweet, replenishing workshop, you will have the opportunity to ring in the qualities of the Fall season.


Shake off the busy times of summer Nourish your Foundation (1)by renovating the habits and patterns that may be asking too much from you. The evening is designed as a mixture of conversation, recipe ideas for the season and gentle movements that help us tap into our foundational needs.

Looking at both yoga and nutrition through a restorative lens allows us to design a more soothing and integrated perspective to each. How does the focus on breath in the yoga practice inform our digestive health? How can we explore a mind-body connection to our nutrition so that we better serve our overall well being?

The workshop will answer these questions as well as provide you with everyday tools to help you nourish your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest!) as you cruise into the change of seasons.

This is a safe environment for those new to yoga, as we will be exploring gentle restorative postures that relax the mind and the muscles. All props will be provided.

Registration is required and there is no experience necessary.


Written by Watershed Team

We believe that healthy, thriving people are the foundation of a strong, just and joyful society.